Five things to help survive the night with a newborn

survive the night with a newborn

Sleep deprivation, it’s torture. No doubt about it. I’ve survived years of sleepless nights and learnt a thing or two along the way. Mind you, I still haven’t worked out how to get babies to sleep through the night! Here’s my top five items to help you survive the night with a newborn.

1. Nighties

All of my kids, yes, even the boys, have worn nighties (or night gowns) to bed. The great thing about nighties is that you don’t have to fuss with buttons or zips during night time nappy changes. Pull it up, nappy change, pull it back down. Easy!

Hot tip. You don’t have to change your baby’s nappy each time she wakes at night, unless it’s a poo. Think of it this way, if they slept for 6 hours straight (lucky you), you wouldn’t wake them to change a nappy. So if they wake every two hours (like a standard baby in this house), there’s no need for a fresh nappy!

The merino blend Woolbabe night gowns from The Sleep Store are lovely.

2. Swaddles, big ones

I’m old fashioned when it comes to swaddling babies. I know there are lots of fancy wraps but I can’t go past a tightly wrapped burrito babe. My simple swaddle requirement is that it has to be big. The best size is 120x120cm.

I love merino wraps for cold nights and muslin wraps for day sleeps and warmer nights. Audrey and Me has absolutely gorgeous muslin wraps and visit The Sleep Store for merino wraps.

survive the night with a newborn
Swaddles from Audrey & Me

3. A night light

The more you turn on the light, the more awake your baby will be. We now have a nightlight in our room. It’s a really basic one from the supermarket, it costs about 15 bucks. The light plugs into a powerpoint and only comes on when its dark. It puts out enough light so you can see what you are doing but the room stays reasonably dark. No more flicking on bright lights or lamps.

4. A water bottle

Getting up and down to a baby all night is thirsty work, especially if you are breastfeeding. Keep a water bottle on your bedside table. Not a glass of water. That gets messy when you knock it over in your sleep deprived state. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that.

5. White noise

Apparently it is noisy inside the womb. It makes sense that babies settle better with a constant soothing sound. With the twins I started playing white noise during their sleeps. I use a free app on my phone and using blue tooth it plays through a speaker in their room.

How’s that for a random collection of essential items to help you survive the night with a newborn?

There is no denying that constant night wakings for feeding and burping are exhausting. Newborn babies (even six month old babies here) have such little bellies that they need to wake to feed. Often. Or they like to be cuddled. I promise you this. Your baby won’t wake every few hours overnight forever. It’s a phase. A tiring, bone wearingly exhausting phase. It will pass. Not in a hurry, but eventually.

What is your number one thing to help survive the night with a newborn?

With thanks to The Sleep Store for gifting me Woolbabe swaddles and night gowns and Audrey & Me for gifting me swaddles. I have not been paid for this post and these are my own honest opinions.

19 thoughts on “Five things to help survive the night with a newborn

  1. No newborns here but I keep a waterbottle on me pretty much 100% of the time anyway! So many little bad moods and crankies and small headaches are often dehydration.

  2. A great list! I wish I knew about these things when my son was younger (we use them for him now!). Another thing that got us through the night was Netflix. We’d sit on the couch with Starfish sleeping on our chests (because he refused to sleep in the bassinet) and we’d do shifts – one would do this while the other slept. Worked for the first couple of weeks and then our boy FINALLY took to the bassinet!

  3. I agree with all of these and I’ll add to make sure to have a quick snack to eat while nursing, if needed. My go-to snack is a granola bar. It helps keep those midnight hunger pains away! Nursing is tough stuff.

  4. I must say I take my hat off to you Clare. 5 children! I have no idea how you to it. I’m flat out trying to get a 2 year old and a 4 month old ready in the morning. If you have any secrets to how you get everyone’s organised, fed and off to where they need to go, plus cook, clean and maintain sane, I would love to know xx

  5. Yep big thumbs up for white noise and dark rooms. We were super strict on sleep for our twins and it payed off BIG TIME! I’ve just made a stack of muslin wraps for this bub and made them super size to really tuck that bub in tight.

  6. Great advice. I did all of the above. My mum was the one who put me onto the nighties. Great idea!!! I tried lots of crazy things when the girls were babies. I remember I even had a white noise CD lol. Both kids had comforters from when they were babies … the only problem is, they still have them now!1

  7. Agree! Your top 4 are on my list, but my number 5 would be a dummy! The other one i would add is a sleep bag for extra warmth….we do singlet, pjs/nightie, sleep bag, swaddle, dummy 😉😊

  8. Such top tips – especially the one about the nighties! Can’t believe the girls are 6 months already!

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