About Wallace

In our cottage on Wallace in Sydney, you’ll find our family of five. I’m Claire. I married Mr Wallace* in 2008. Fast forward to 2015 and we have THREE little boys under five. I am well and truly outnumbered. Our life is loud, chaotic and messy.

The Wallace Folk

I once had a legal career with an impressive sounding title. The war stories from my day job made for great dinner party conversation. Now I am in the trenches of parenting three smalls. It is not sexy. It is all consuming. I often feel like I am faking it until I make it. Luckily for everyone involved I have a ferocious love for my little lads. The husband’s a keeper too.

Three little lads

In an attempt to retain some sense of ‘me’, I throw myself in front of my sewing machine. Sewing is a newfound hobby. Occasionally I think perhaps there is some creativity hiding deep inside me. I’m fond of baking, mostly sweet stuff. Mr Wallace blames me for his expanding waistline. I don’t force feed the guy so I plead my innocence! The oven here on Wallace is as hot as hell, I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Exploring with the biggest lad in a ‘me made’ skirt

Life on Wallace, the house rather than the blog, has come with a hefty price tag for two former Tasmanians. We (but which I mean, me) need to reign in spending and attempt to life live more frugally. You’ll read about my attempts to spend less but live well, my sewing projects and my insights into parenting.

Thanks ever so much for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you.

*not his real name. I’m not perverted enough to start a blog about living on my husband!

16 thoughts on “About Wallace

  1. Hi Clare,
    I am friends with your sister here in Tassie, she just told me about your blog. It is lovely you have done a great job setting it up! I am a newbie too, hopefully we can share our experiences and blogging discoveries 🙂 If I can tell you one thing that I have learnt so far is that social media is a bloggers friend! Looking forward to following your blog Xx

    1. Thanks Gretta, I’ve actually been ‘silently’ reading your blog for a while now and wondering how it’s developing for you! It’d be great to have a blogging buddy. I’ve no doubt you’re right about social media. Must get more involved with it. Will keep in touch xx

    1. Well Alf, I’m not sure my husband actually agreed! We have an unspoken understanding that my chuck out challenge won’t involve his possessions. That’s been easy so far, but I’ve got a few items in mind if I get stuck towards the end of the 30 days!

    1. Living on the mainland with family in Tassie sort of forces you to travel, don’t you think? Plus, the more you travel, the more they get used to it and hopefully the easier it gets! That’s the theory!

    1. Oh thanks Mandy, that is very kind of you. I love your bucket list. I’ve always wanted to snorkel with turtles and I tried so many spots in Hawaii and had no luck!

  2. Claire

    I just read your intro! I had to giggle, I love to bake. My hubby put on over 20kgs in the first 13yrs of our marriage. My mum at one point wondered if I may kill him through baking! Like you I didn’t force feed him lol. He has dropped some of that lately though. I love the photo of your three boys! I have a couple of really gorgeous mates that live in Tassie, I have also met the most famous Tasmanian and all of these women are amazing so I am certain you are too!


  3. Hi Claire. Love you blog. I’ve recently just started my blog on my triplets plus 1 and id love your input on it.
    Stacey xxx

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